Fuck. I already have ships and favorites and feelings for characters in REd Band. FUCK. I said I wouldn’t do this again.

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Okay Gleeks you are going to LOVE Red Band Society. Seriously. Talk about sassiness and eccentricity. Seriously. Might be my favorite new show.

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About to watch the Pilot of Red Band Society so I can have my review ready before it premieres tomorrow. Technically I’ve had it for four weeks and should have done it earlier. Oops. Friday night will be the Gotham pilot and review for me. :)

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That Scandal costume thing I reblogged just proves how much thought goes into what characters wear and how it helps to portray their feelings and thoughts. Genius.

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This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it

Until they get there though, I’ll watch them be friends in S4. Friends who remember what they love so much about each other. Friends that appreciate each other as people. Friends who don’t try to drive each other away to deflect from their hurt. Friends who are not burdened by the angst of the romantic flame that won’t ever die because they know it isn’t going anywhere even if they tell themselves so. Friends like on the 201 and 305 phone calls. 
I would also not mind if there are 1-2 occasions of benefit to this friendship in S4 before they get it together. 
Or none of those things can happen and I will still watch my babies ^_^.

Anteprima della collezione Scandal Style The Limited. -7 Giorni http://bit.ly/1AKevr6

I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!



#chris looks like this photographer seriously pissed him off
you mean cory? LOL